Illustration by Elizabeth B Martin

Illustration by Elizabeth B Martin

These illustrations were supposed to be part of a series (one must think big!) of an intrepid team going on adventures and saving the oceans.

Last week’s TBT introduced us to the team of the Super Sonic Sunny Sub: Frank the puffin captain, Ziggy the cat engineer, Ernest the gecko diarist and interpreter, and Woof the dog that swims and interacts with the sea animals. Their present mission is to save a baby orca whale that has gotten separated from its mother. As you can see Ziggy is having another of her catnaps. She does this whenever not on duty.

I dropped the Super Sonic Sunny Sub onto a background photograph of a tropical reef. I wanted to see how the colors worked with our crew. I wanted to make sure they didn’t disappear in all the confusion.

They are about to get into trouble, but if you want to see what happens you will have to check out my TBT this following Thursday. You can go back to my site and see the first five TBTs showing this book.



The Super Sub Crew, Illustration by Elizabeth B Martin

The Super Sub Crew, Illustration by Elizabeth B Martin

Meet the crew for the Super Sonic Sunny Sub. They go on adventures and missions to save the oceans. This project was going to be, at least in my mind, a stunning book series. By making the books thrilling, I wanted to engage children in caring about the oceans.

Ziggy the cat is the engineer. She works out problems that occurred during the missions and fixes the super sub when needed.

Woof the dog is the outside element that is summoned to the super sub when there is a problem. He is a good swimmer and can leave the sub to swim about dealing with the issues.

Ernest the gecko is the diary keeper. He also speaks all the different dialects of the sea animals and translates for the others.

Captain Frank the puffin is the captain, navigator and sees to the charts and maps.

While trying out their different images, I dropped them onto one of my ocean backgrounds to see how they looked.

If you want to see them on their mission, you will have to check out my TBT next Thursday. You can see the first four TBTs showing this book here.


Ziggy Catnapping, Illustration by Elizabeth B Martin

Ziggy Catnapping, Illustration by Elizabeth B Martin

At the time, I was working on a book that occurred largely on a super sub. The crew went on missions to save the ocean. Ziggy was the engineer and very clever at sorting problems. However, any moment she had to spare, she of course took naps like any self respecting cat. In these drawings I was working out catnapping in confined spaces. The drawings never got used and the book fizzled out.