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My FISH event at the North Beach branch of the San Francisco library went very well with about 40 people.

Using water-soluble crayons seems to enable small children to get good results. They color and then paint with water. The younger the child, the more they stick on afterwards. I love seeing their results and think them very clever. See more images of my FISH event on my Art and Craft Projects page.


These sea creatures are for my April 20th FISH Art and Craft event, 4pm at the North Beach Branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

This is another event using water soluble crayons, felt tip pens and an endless supply of fun things to stick on. I like this combination as children get to color, paint and stick things on the project. I have noticed little children just love the sticking part. They want to start sticking before they color which I have to catch before they have to paint a sticky mess!

I am endlessly surprised by their joyful creativity. I wish they had art classes in school.


Remoras Appear, by Elizabeth B Martin

Remoras Appear, by Elizabeth B Martin

These drawings were supposed to be part of a series (one must think big!) of an intrepid team saving the oceans.

Last week’s TBT showed the team starting out on their mission in their Super Sonic Sunny Sub to save a baby orca who has lost its mother. Quite soon, a huge shape overshadows the Super Sonic Sunny Sub. Ernest is the only one who realizes it is a basking shark. They are the second largest in the world. It is covered with remoras.

Basking Shark with Remoras, by Elizabeth B Martin

Basking Shark with Remoras, by Elizabeth B Martin

By this time in the story, I thought I might try speech bubbles and tear out pages from Ernest’s diary. Have the book sort of look like The Magic School Bus series. At the time I didn’t realize I was drawing think bubbles!

Are they about to be attacked by the shark? If you want to find out, you will have to check out my TBT this following Thursday. You can also go back to my site and see the first six TBTs showing this book.



Mermaids in the Ocean, by Elizabeth B Martin

Mermaids in the Ocean, by Elizabeth B Martin

This illustration was for a book about Zoe and her sister Lilly. Zoe likes to play superhero and her helper. Her helper was of course her little sister Lilly. Lots of squabbling followed. In this story, they are Superhero mermaids and are saving the oceans. The book is full of make believe play and endless craft projects as they first paint their ocean and then make all the sea animals before diving into it in their super sub.

Saving the oceans is a recurring theme in many of my books. The polluting of the oceans and our future lack of oxygen is of great concern to me.

If you go to my gallery you will be able to check out my books for free.