Great Indoor Activities for Your Toddler this Winter

What can parents and teachers' most vexing problem this time of year?

Keeping toddlers and other young children occupied while it's snowing, reading, or just too cold to play outside.

So if you need to keep your students or children occupied with activities they will enjoy, keep reading this post.

Activities to Develop Motor Skills & Entertain Your Kids

Teach the alphabet: For those children who do not yet know the alphabet, give them a copy and asked them to re-create it using Legos.

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Create an indoor scavenger hunt list.

Devise a string obstacle course. See more information about this fun activity here. This activity will help your children develop their motor skills.

Create an indoor obstacle course that will also help them to learn letter recognition.

In this post, a blogger describes a wonderful game for toddlers. She calls it the Color Shape River. Simply cut a few shapes of colored paper, tape them to the floor, and tell your child that some colors or shapes are not safe to step on. The goal is to reach a toy that needs to be saved at the other end of the river. It is quite imaginative. 

If you would like to help your child develop fine motor skills, have them try the baking soda and vinegar experiment. Simply sprinkle some baking soda into a roasting pan, pour vinegar into three small dishes, and add food coloring to the vinegar. Using an eyedropper, kids can extract the colored vinegar and squeeze some onto the baking soda. Try it and see what happens. To see more information and pictures about this activity, visit Hands On.

Another fine motor skill activity involves paperclips. Ask your children to create  chains using paperclips.

This blogger has also asked her children to create structures using spaghetti, marshmallows, and paper. There's a great image on this page

Another activity involves a colander and small pipe cleaners. Ask your children to insert the pipe cleaners into the holes in the colander. The pipe cleaners need to reach across to a corresponding hole.

For the budding mechanics and carpenters, give your children several knobs and screws and ask them to match them and screw them in properly. You can also use nuts and bolts for this type of activity.

Coloring books are also a popular activity. You can purchase or create a coloring book that also teaches children about colors.

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Pinterest Boards for Kids & Parents

Check Out These Pinterest Boards To Entertain Your Child:

I’ve have saved the best tip for last: reading! Simply navigate to my Pinterest pages to find plenty of books to keep your children busy while they need to be indoors.

Finally, if you would like to keep your child entertained while learning about sea creatures, the coral reefs, and fun videos, navigate to my Pinterest profile to find fun, educational, and entertaining pinboards.

Elizabeth B. Martin

Elizabeth B. Martin is the author and illustrator of six picture books for children. You can view her books here for free and download a Free coloring book here.