It is Halloween and the perfect time for witches and cats! Please get in the mood and come to my HALLOWEEN art and craft event at the North Beach branch of the San Francisco Public Library. It will be TODAY, October 19th at 4:00 PM, 850 Columbus Ave., San Francisco.

There will be the usual drawings to be colored in by water soluble crayons and delightful things to stick everywhere! I will also have colored felt for cutting out if little fingers are up to it.


Henry as a bat for Halloween

Henry as a bat for Halloween

My dog Henry is all dressed up as a bat and wants to wish you a Happy Halloween! 

When Henry was a puppy, I tried to to get him into a rather too small skeleton costume. It was the only time he growled at me. I wasn't present when he was muscled into this bat costume by someone much braver than myself. He does rather seem to be enjoying himself after all, but that is perhaps due to being a rather dapper bat!

My dog Henry has been the inspiration for countless children's picture books and Color and Write Stories. Please follow the links and check them out. Everything can be downloaded for free.