Need Help with Your Classroom or Preschooler? Check Out Pinterest

Social media experts refer to Pinterest as a social media network.

The developers of Pinterest, however, don’t agree. They say it’s a browser, similar to Chrome and Safari.

What do I think? I say it’s a wonderful resource for parents and teachers.

Why? Because if you visit this website you’ll find a plethora of information that parents and teachers can use.

Well, first you’ll see images. But the images are primarily from informative blog posts with wonderful tips that parents and teachers can use with their families and classrooms.

If you’ve never used it, don’t worry. It’s easy. Just open an account and start searching for topics you’re interested in by typing certain words in the search bar.

Then you can find images you like, visit the website for the information, or simply start gathering the images into groups called pinboards.

My Pinboards Organized for Teachers and Parents

Here are some of the pinboards I have that might appeal to you:

Discover New Resources Though Pinterest

Why types of blog posts have I discovered. Let me just name a few.

Meet This Reading Mama: A beautiful image that I added to my How to Teach Kids to Read led me to This Reading Mama’s blog. Becky Spence homeschools her four kids and writes about literacy as well as provides free reading curricula. 

Support for Middle-Grade Teachers: I found an infographic on Pinterest that I thought was interesting. The theme is how not to let the kids in your classroom sabotage your day. Jennifer Gonzalez is the author of Middle Web, which focuses on helping middle school teachers. 

Crafts for the Younger Set: Stacey (no last name provided) is the author of Glue to My Crafts blog. One day she provided the idea and steps on how preschoolers or kindergarteners could use a paper plate and colored paper to create seahorses. It’s a pretty cool activity for young tykes in your classroom or family. 

More Projects for Toddlers: I found images on Pinterest that led me to the blog called Lil’ Scholars University’s Blog Spot. You’ll find all sorts of activities here from torn paper rainbow to learning how to count with colored cheerios.       

If you’re looking for ideas for your students or young family members, you are bound to find activities and support on this colorful website.

Illustration by Elizabeth B. Martin

Elizabeth B. Martin is the author and illustrator of six picture books for children. You can view her books here for free.